About GoldenQuest Productions

Here at GoldenQuest, we combine the arts to create a powerful storytelling experience. Our projects typically consist of a detailed and immersive script, rich illustrations and a captivating soundtrack.

The Scripts

The scripts are vivid and illuminate characters, action sequences and settings in precise detail, giving you the ability to visualize the script with ease and proficiency. Surrounding all of the fine-tuned details are compelling stories and sincere characters that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Concept Art

Illustrative concept art corresponds with the script, providing you with a colorful glimpse into the story’s image.

The Music

And finally, a breathtaking soundtrack. While the script and art gives the story it’s character and face, the music gives the story it’s soul. Possessing a blend of masterful musical composition and unforgettable themes, the music will touch your heart and further enhance your emotional connection with the story.

All of these elements work together to help give readers, actors, directors, producers, companies and others the capability to envision the potential of the project at its earliest stage. Partners would not only be investing in a script; they would be gaining a valuable blueprint that will help them build a profitable and memorable project.